Business Trends

Terrorism and new legislation bring the need for better authentication.

Here are the main projects and regulations pushing for the adoption and deployment of more secure authentication solution:



  • DHS : USVISIT (US Visitor Immigration Status Indication Technology System)
  • DHS : 12 millions Transportation Worker Identification Cards (TWIC)
  • DoD : 4 millions Common Access Cards (CAC)
  • AAMVA : Secure Driving License
  • HIPAA : Health Information Portability and Accountability Act


  • Airport employees ID (CATSA-Canada, Paris…)
  • ICAO : Electronic Passport (more than 30 countries)
  • ILO : Convention No. 108
  • National ID (Malaysia, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, UK…)

Competitive Strength

  • Labcal. Indonesia develops innovative products and has a highly skilled R&D team.

Our solutions offer: 

  • Traceability : Each card issued is linked to it’s enrollment officer
  • Integrity : Any information change on card will be detected
  • Rapidity : Authentication in 0.6 seconds
  • Portability : Allows for Mobile ID verification using SmartMobile
  • Flexibility : Solutions that meet needs of many applications
  • Convenience : Easy of use
  • Security : Impossible to issue fake cards